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Epimedium extract

Epimedium P.E

English: Epimedium P.E

Latin name: Epimedium grandiflorum

Active ingredients: icariin

Molecular formula: C33H40O15

Molecular structure:

Source: the choice of Qinba Mountains wild Berberidaceae plant Epimedium dried aerial part of Herba Epimedii.

Effective ingredients: stems and leaves with icariin Epimedium glycoside (icariin ), A ( epinedoside A ); rhizome and root of noradrenaline icariin ( noricarliin ), Epimedium lignans (I-cariresinol ).

Specifications: Epimedium glycoside ( HPLC ) >10%. single

Function : he is the traditional Chinese medicine TCM tonic, having strong bone, kidney, expelling rheumatism, bone for impotence, flaccidity, rheumatic arthralgia and depress, climacteric hypertension. Can effectively inhibit Staphylococcus, anti aging. Icariin is one of the effective components, can effectively improve the cardiovascular system, adjust endocrine, improve endocrine. In addition, particularly worthy of attention is, Epimedium also has anti-cancer role, is regarded as the most promising anticancer drug.

Traits: brown powder


In 1, with flavonoids response;

In 2, TLC: icariin spots obviously;

In 3, HPLC: fingerprint and extract reference fingerprint.

Impurity limit:

In 1, the loss on drying:≤ 6% ( Chinese Pharmacopoeia method )

In 2, ash:≤ 9% ( Chinese Pharmacopoeia method )

In 3, heavy metal:≤ 10ppm ( Chinese Pharmacopoeia method )

4, agricultural residues:≤ 2ppm

5:≤ 0.5%, residual solvents

Detection of the content for: ( HPLC )

HPLC conditions:

Stationary phase: C18 ( 150 ×2) mm 5μ

Mobile phase: acetonitrile / water =30:70

Sample: 10 μ L

Column temperature: 30 ℃

Flow rate: 0.2ml/min

The detection wavelength: 270nm

Health check:

In 1, the total number of bacteria, molds count 21000/G≤ 100/G 3: No 4, Escherichia coli, Salmonella: no

Size: 100% through 80 mesh sieve.

Packing: in plastic bags, cardboard barrels, barrels of outsourcing on name, weight, batch number, production units, production time, effective time, storage method.

Storage: a cool, dry, smooth closed, storage. .

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