Xi'An Qingping Plant Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, is a professional Chinese medicine production, sales, and traditional Chinese medicine extraction, processing, to pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics and other large enterprises to provide high-quality raw materials producers. Yang County in Hanzhong with the national GAP standards within the medicinal plant production base of more than 5,000 acres, with Bupleurum, Magnolia, milk thistle, skullcap, Tianma, Salvia and many varieties of traditional Chinese med……[更多]

Leaves of Morin

Leaves of Morin

Boswelia Serrata

pineapple powder

Noni fruit powde

red grapefruit j

cranberry powder

sawleaf brown ex

pomegranate juic

Semen Cuscutee

Mulberry extract

Pear powder

Rose pollen

Windmill extract

Camellia sinensi

Hibiscus Flower

Boswellin Extrac

Tribulus P.E

Hippophae rhamno

Thymus mongolicu

Herba Artemisiae

Tuber OnionSeed

Vikous Amomam Fr

Herba Centellae


Herba Schizonepe

Fragrant Solomon

Aloes P.E.

Lobed Kudzuvine

Ramulus Cinnamo

Lemon Balm

Chinese Buckeye

Semen Ginkgo

Radices zedoaria

Phragmitis Rhizo

Ophiopogonis jap

Frankincense ext

The dwarf lilytu

Frankincense aci

Sweet extract at

Extracts from ra


Ginger PE

Great burdock ac

Echinacea extrac

10% 20% of Epime

Resveratrol 50%

Astragalus extra

Horsetail Extrac

Horsetail Extrac

Tribulus terrest

Bamboo leaves ex

Cortex Lycii ext

Picrorhiza extra

Phellodendron ex

Reed rhizome ext

Dandelion extrac

Rehmannia root e

Extract of Pulsa

of peony root ex


Lycium Chinense

Hericium erinace

Astragalus P.E.

Indian Bread P.E

Polyporus frondo

Flammulina Velut

Ganoderma P.E.

Ginseng P.E.


Epimedium flavon

Parker Ziren

Caulis Polygoni

Pyrrosia lingua

Armand Clematis

Pericarpium Arec

Alfalfa P.E

Semen Plantagin

Echinacea Extrac

Citrus aurantium

Corn extract

Epimedium 10%

Chrysanthemum ex

Oat extract

Oat straw extrac

Eyebright Extrac

Perfume lotus ex

Horsetail extrac

Spine Date Seed

Nomame Semaherb

dodder seed 10:

Hawthorn extract

Boswellin Extrac

Nettle Extract

Hops extract

Pumpkin Seed Ext

Rose Hip Extract

Simpleleaf Shrub

Radix extract

Portulaca olerac

Phragmitis Rhizo

Gentian Extract

Willow extract

Bidens frondosa

Radish radish se

chili pepper

Bitter melon ext

Astragalus extra

Common Fenugreek

black cohosh P.E

lotus leaf p.e

Barbury Wolfberr

Pueraria Extract

Eucommia extract

Belladonna extra

Codonopsis Extra

Siberian Ginseng

Tribulus terrest

Artichoke extrac

radix bupleuri P

White peony P.E.

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