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Name: radix ophiopogonis extract
Category: tonic
Latin: Radix Ophiopogonis
Alias: wintersweet
Extraction site: root tuber
Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1
Detection method: uv
Properties: brownish yellow powder
Mesh size: 100 mesh
USES: pharmaceutical health products, beverage food additives, etc.
Nature and taste: slightly cold; Sweet, slightly bitter; Heart, lung and stomach channels
Functions: nourishing Yin and producing fluid, moistening lung and clearing heart. Used for dry cough. Consumptive cough, thirst, irritability, insomnia, internal heat, constipation; Throat diphtheria.
Usage and dosage: for internal use: decoction, 6 ~ 12g; Boil cream; Or into the pill, powder. External use: appropriate amount, grind end transfer apply, decoction wash, or fresh tamping juice liniment.
Contraindication: it is forbidden for asthenia and cold diarrhea, dampness and turbidity, wind chill or cold phlegm, cough and asthma.


Xi 'an qingping plant engineering technology co. LTD
Company flagship products: the same day delivery
Mastic acid 65%-95% tribulus tribulus saponins 40%-90%
Salicin 10% tea polyphenols 7% tea
Black grass extract from eucalyptus leaves
Windmill extract
Strawberry powder, apple powder, mango powder, cantaloupe powder
Milk thistle powder hawthorn powder blackberry powder watermelon juice powder
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The main proportion of the company's extract is as follows:
Extract of eucalyptus leaves and puer tea
Black grass extract wind car extract
Black currant extract morinda officinalis extract
Radix stephaniae extract; hemp seed extract
Herba epimedii extract dandelion extract
Acanthopanax root extract boxwood extract
Extract of centella asiatica l
Purslane extract and silythistle extract
Mangosteen fruit extract chamomile extract
Poplar flower extract spirea spirea extract
Java grass extract from the extract of plumbago chinensis
Vanilla extract longfang extract
Radix astragali extract and radix scutellariae extract
Lily extract black garlic extract
Baobab tree extract

Packing: large cargo of 25 kg/carton, small cargo of aluminum foil bag or according to customer's requirement.
Billing situation: the company can issue 13% value-added tax invoices.
Minimum order quantity: 1KG, label according to requirements, if not required, paste according to the company's internal label.
Quality terms: we have our own inspection report for each batch of goods, and the quality of products shall be subject to the inspection standards.
Storage conditions: this product should be sealed and shaded, stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place.


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