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Black Cream Extract
Black cohosh P.E.
[Character] Black Cream extract is brown-black powder.
[Specifications] Black Cream extract triterpene saponin 2.5 ; Black Cream extract triterpene saponin 8
1 The extract of black flax has antibacterial, hypotension, inhibition of the myocardium, slowing heart rate, and calming effects.
The extract of black cochlamydia has curative effect on arthritis and osteoporosis.
Chemical composition: The extract of black crepe is based on 2.5 % triterpene saponins.
Dose: Take 2 doses of approximately 20 to 40 mg daily of the black agaric extract at the standard triterpene saponin level(2.5 %)(total daily dose = 1-2 mg triterpene saponin). It takes 4-8 weeks to take it to relieve menopausal symptoms.
Safety: Black flax has estrogen-like effects, and pregnant or lactating women should avoid using this herb. High doses of the herb can cause abnormal pain, nausea, headaches and dizziness. Women who take estrogen should consult a doctor before using black creamer. High doses of black flax can cause symptoms of poisoning, which is more pronounced with nausea and dizziness, and may also lead to abortion. Black flax can not be used in patients with severe rubella or breathing difficulties.
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[Packing Method]: 25 kg/cardboard bucket, small aluminum foil bag or packaging as required by customers.
The Company may issue a 13 % VAT invoice.
Minimum Order 1 KG, label as required, if not required, stick to internal label.
[Quality Clause] We have our own test report for each shipment, and the quality of the product is carried out according to the test standards.
[Storage conditions] This product should be sealed and covered, stored in a dry, cool, ventilated place.

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